emailSocial media gets a lot of press, but email is the best way to reach moms. A great message goes a long way in selling classes, boosting attendance and growing your brand. Grow your list with three quick tips…

Note: A great email service provider (ESP) will be massively helpful in promoting your business. We use (and highly recommend) Mailchimp, other popular brands include AWeber, Constant Contact and My Emma.

Grow your list with these 3 quick tips…

  1. Run a contest. Pick a great prize for your audience, set up a giveaway page & spread the word! Need help? We can set-up, run & promote your giveaway. Email [email protected] for details.
  2. Encourage subscribers to share with friends. Add “social share” and “forward to a friend” buttons to all your emails. Most ESPs have an option to easily drop in both buttons to your email.
  3. Use your Facebook page. Two easy options here: #1 Add a subscribe tab to your Facebook page – most ESPs offer Facebook integration. #2 Create a subscribe page & promote it on your Timeline. Make sure to use images & try a few different messages to see what resonates with your audience.

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