3 Tips to Tweak your Trial ClassA great trial class brings in new clients, draws the right crowd & builds excitement for your business. Major marketing mojo with minimal effort – if you do it correctly. 

Here are three steps to making your next trial class a success…

  1. Charge a small fee. $10-$15 builds commitment (we’re all more likely to show up for something we’ve paid for) and weeds out people just looking for a freebie. Click here to add your paid trial class to Munchkin Fun for free.
  2. Collect email addresses. An email is your golden ticket to follow up – collect it at the time of purchase or ask parents to RSVP and charge at the door. Munchkin Fun offers free RSVP service for all activities listed in our calendar, click here to add your activity and here to inquire about RSVP service.
  3. Promote the trial. Send an email to your customer list, post it on Facebook & list it on Munchkin Fun. Instant audience for $0.

Click here to add your activities to Munchkin Fun for free.

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