camp2Less than a week left of school & the winter camp hunt is on. Parents are looking for inexpensive and creative options to entertain & educate their kids during break. Get your camp on the best-seller list this season with these 3 tips…

  1. Keep prices low & sell by the day. Target a sweet spot of $45 or less for a full day and $25 or less for a half-day. These numbers seem to the tipping point for parents.
  2. Get creative with themes. The Extreme Desert sounds much more compelling than Science Camp. Be specific in your daily names & theme activities accordingly (Extreme Desert campers at the Science Museum explore underground burrows, probe the properties of sand & bring home a cactus).
  3. Implement flexible hours. Break is fluid and parents want flexibility. Full & half-day options go a long way for a mom who’s on the fence about committing her little one to a full day when she might be able to leave work early.

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