kids-iphoneography-hero-updatedA great picture is worth a thousand words – and a semester of enrollment! Boost sales by adding high quality images to your Facebook feed, Instagram, website & advertisements. And all you need is your phone. Make your images count with 5 quick tips for snapping quality iPhone pics…

  1. Use 2 hands. Shaky hands = unfocused picture.
  2. Get low. Get down on your knees or stomach to get on eye-level with little ones. It will help make sure kids are the center of your shot
  3. Turn on Grid Lines. They divide your picture into 9 equal boxes so you can focus on perspective.
  4. Stay candid. Skip the posed shots & capture class in action. Movement is entrancing.
  5. Use Burst Mode for action shots. Hold down the shutter icon and click the picture in the corner of the screen when you’re done. Your phone will pick the best photo (or let you manually choose).

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