unnamedWelcome Tishana! Meet our June ambassador of the month. Tishana is a mom of three-year-old Aria and Munchkin Fun lover!

Tell us about your family
I have one daughter her name is Aria and she just turned 3 May 13th! She lives with me and her dad. We try to have family time every Saturday.

What’s your favorite thing to do as a family?
My favorite things to do with her are fun activities such as going for ice cream or pizza on the weekends. Other times we visit bounce house places like Monkey Joes or the local kids museums. Aria is also a big fan of water so we visit splash pads often and she has also recently started taking swim lessons.

What’s your favorite part about living in South Florida?
The best part about living in South Florida is of course the weather which allows us to participate in these water activities almost year round. Another benefit of living in the heart of South Florida is the many kid friendly places from indoor playgrounds all the way to museums that go above an beyond for her imagination. Aria is a very active toddler and I love getting the emails every week of ideas to keep her busy, hoping to get her into dance classes soon.

Tell us about one of your funniest mom moments…
The funniest moment I have had with Aria this year would have to be when we went to Disney World in March. She is a completely obsessed with all things Mickey and Minnie mouse so we took her to a character greeting in Magic Kingdom. They had both Daisy and Minnie Mouse. We came upon Daisy first and were taking pictures or at least we thought we were until Aria bolted across the way skipping all the other parents and children waiting to get to “Miiiiinnieeee!!” as she loves to call her. It was hilarious and I actually felt bad for Daisy. We had to pull her back and explain to her that she must wait in line, but when she finally made it to Minnie Mouse the happiness on her face was truly priceless.

What’s your number one tip for getting friends to subscribe to the Munchkin Fun newsletter?
Munchkin Fun makes it so easy to find out about local activities for kids which I absolutely love. When I got the option to be an ambassador I definitely considered all my family and friends who have kids first and made sure to email them. The best idea I had was sharing my link on a page made specifically for moms and even dads on Facebook. Everyday I see parents asking “what activities are there for the kids this week?” Many times we have all been clueless but with Munchkin Fun I was able to share with hundreds of people who I didn’t even know but they were so thankful to have these fun ideas with their children!

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