Munchkin Fun Ambassadors leverage the “word of mom” to spread the word about Munchkin Fun, Florida’s largest digital parenting publication. Ambassadors encourage friends, colleagues & fellow parents to sign up for newsletters; brainstorm new ideas; and represent Munchkin Fun in their communities. In exchange, they are rewarded with swag.

I’d like to be an ambassador. What’s involved?

Spread the word about Munchkin Fun’s free newsletter in your school, mommy & me classes, social media network and daily life. We give you a unique URL that credits you for every new subscriber recruited

Promote Munchkin Fun giveaways

Give feedback and brainstorm

What’s in it for me?

Join a statewide community of active, engaged moms

Swag – show tickets, attraction passes, snacks & products are distributed monthly to high performing ambassadors

Connect with other ambassadors in your community

How do I start?

Email [email protected] or complete the form below

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