giveawayGiveaways are a great way to attract new clients, engage your audience & pitch something new. Get more from your next giveaway with our five quick tips…



  1. Pick the right prize.  Get creative by offering exclusive access to your business (a private class, a personal shopping spree) or combining a few products into a themed prize (summer fun package, Mother’s Day goodies). Don’t forget – the bigger the prize value, the better. Make sure to state the value of your prize.
  2. Make it easy to enter. Ask entrants to do one thing – fill out one form, share one thing on social media or use one hashtag. The more steps to enter, the fewer entrants you’ll have.
  3. Time it right. Ideal contest length is around 7 days – long enough to give people time to enter, short enough to create a sense of urgency.
  4. Spread the word. Email your list, share on social media & repeat. Promote each contest at least three times (once the first day, once at the halfway point and once the last day).
  5. Follow up with everyone. Announce the winner to the whole group, then email everyone who entered a special discount code.

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