Your little superheroes are facing new challenges this school year. Broward’s leading healthcare experts and community organizations will be their sidekicks in a series of interactive virtual programs to help you find the resources that you need to make this year SUPER successful.

  • Nov 5: Your Child’s Vision in the Age of Digital Media and Screens, register here
  • Nov 6: Children’s Mental Health, Psychology, and Behavior Modification: An Introduction to Unique Rewarding Careers, register here
  • Nov 7: Diabetes Prevention and Management, register here
  • Nov 10: Listen up! Protect Your Child’s Hearing, register here
  • Nov 11: Supporting Young Children (Ages 3 – 6) in Distance Learning with KidVision Pre-K’s Miss Penny, register here
  • Nov 12: What is Autism Spectrum Disorder/What is CARD?, register here
  • Nov 14: Diabetes & Exercise, register here
  • Nov 14: Interactive Nutrition, register here
  • Nov 14: Diabetes and Healthy Eating, register here
  • Nov 15: Diabetes and Medication Management, register here
  • Nov 17: Myopia in Children: Detecting and Treating, register here
  • Nov 19: The Link Between Chronic Stress and Autism Spectrum Disorder, register here
  • Nov 21: Goal Setting for Diabetes, register here

All workshops are free and open to the public. Click here for for info & registration.