Celebrate Global Recycling Day with Munchkin Fun and SWA

Global Recycling Day, celebrated on March 18 every year, is a recycling initiative that encourages us to look at our trash in a new light. There are several ways to recycle that allow some materials to be reused multiple times. Recycling is great for us and the environment because it lessens the energy we use, enhances the quality of water and air we breathe, and combats climate change.

It also reduces using new raw materials to create new products — saving money and natural resources. Newspapers, plastic water bottles, soda cans, cereal boxes, and milk cartons are some of the common everyday recyclable items. If we put effort into recycling items that we usually throw away, we can impact the earth and our lives in a more profound way.

SWA’s Household Hazardous Waste Tips 

Old hurricane supplies can be hazardous!

Hurricane season started June 1, and many of our Palm Beach County neighbors are making sure they are prepared. As you update hurricane supplies, keep in mind that some items should not be placed in the garbage, but instead, be brought to one of the SWA’s Home Chemical and Recycling Centers.

Supplies requiring special disposal include:

  • gasoline and oil from generators
  • propane tanks
  • rechargeable batteries from electronics or flashlights

Remember, pollution prevention starts at home. A full list of household hazardous wastes can be found at SWA.org/HCRC or call 561-697-2700 or 866-SWA-INFO (toll-free) to learn more about the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County’s Home Chemical and Recycling Centers.

More information about proper waste disposal in Palm Beach County before and after a hurricane can be found at SWA.org/Hurricane.